Monday, July 09, 2007

"Tatie Teaches a Toddler" column 3

I'm pleased to announce that my third column about being an aunt teaching my non-native foreign language to my nephew has been published in the July-August issue of Multilingual Living Magazine. In it, I describe which language Carl uses when and some musings on why. It's called "Arbres and Apples and Pommes, Oh My!" (The first column was an introduction of what we're doing and what difficulties we're facing; the second one detailed the ways I could tell that he understood French even before he could speak.) You can see a free sample issue or subscribe on the Bicultural/Bilingual Family Network homepage (and if you subscribe at the very reasonable rate of $12 per year, you'll receive access to past issues). The editors Corey and Alice are unpaid volunteers--please support their efforts to help us learn how to raise children with more than one language!


  1. That's so cute - pomme-apple or apple-pomme! What a smart (and adorable) little cookie!