Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Carl parle!

Here's a list of what my 14-month-old nephew can say in each of the following categories:

People: Mama, Daddy, Nana, Pop-pop, Tatie (auntie), Ton-ton (uncle), maybe Dada for Grandad and Mama for Grandma?

Food: banana, cheese, ham, turkey, water, juice, apple

Sounds: mow, arf, hoot, neigh, toot, vroom, plop

Other nouns: owl, cat, doggie, dirt, Pooh, car, truck, light, book, hat,shoe, socks, tree, snow, bear, geese, keys, bath

Other: no, hi, bye-bye, up, down, out, more, on, off, uh-oh

French: tatie, ton-ton, tête (head), pomme (apple), atchoum (the sound for sneeze)

Sign language: milk, eat, more, hat, thank-you, potty, shoes

And here's a few more pictures, just because we love his smile:

Click here to read more about how he's learning French, or click on "Carl" in the labels below to see the whole thread of posts about him.

(After the chocolate mousse cake pictured above, Carl even ended up with chocolate between his toes! He's a talented little boy--with such good taste in cakes!)

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