Sunday, February 11, 2007

reading in more than one language

Visit Corey's blog, An American Between Worlds, to read this detailed post about her bilingual children learning to read. Fascinating! Does this sound familiar to anyone? What other approaches have worked as you try to foster your children's love of reading in more than one language?


  1. Thanks, nice that you made it by and I'm delighted you liked the entry! Kind of a long entry but I felt it was already long overdue.

  2. Thanks for this, Sarah!

    I so love hearing the success stories - gives me hope that we're on the right track :)

    Sophie's German may be improving as we speak since we've switched her to a bilingual English-German home daycare (not officially so, but the woman who runs it and has her own kids at home is from Germany and speaks both languages to the kids). I'm tickled pink, and so I love reading Corey's experience.

    Thanks again!

  3. I wonder if it has something to do with the child's love of reading? I have three girls - teenagers now - and although I always read to them in English and most of the books on the shelves were/are in English - only the eldest reads easily in both languages (we live in France). But of the three, she is the bookworm - the other two only read when they have to for school :-)

    Incidentally, the eldest is also the only one who is completely bilingual and will speak to me in English or in French - whichever comes to mind first!

  4. Smashedpea--I'm glad to hear that the bilingual day care is working out! It's important for kids to get exposure to the second language from many different speakers. Does the day care lady read to her in German?

    Gigi--Thanks for dropping by! We'd love to hear more about bilingual teens--most of the children I've profiled on the blog are younger than that. Would you consider letting me profile your daughters, telling us about how you raised them with English and French?