Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Joyeux Anniversaire, Carl!

My nephew Carl turned one year old today. His birthday cake was actually gingerbread cupcakes; he wolfed two of them down and chased them with ice cream and laughed. (Why gingerbread? Well, a neighbor gave their family a plate of various cookies just before Christmas, so Carl's parents fed him a soft gingerbread cookie. When it was gone, he sobbed and cried real tears. They held up the plate to show that the gingerbread was all gone, and he continued to wail. So they handed him the plate to make it clear that no more cookies were left. And what did Carl do? He started licking the plate!)

Can't you tell that he seemed to like these gingerbread muffins almost as much as those cookies?

And then the many books for such a little boy! But you'd expect nothing else in a family like ours.

And the happy one-year-old is already speaking some words--definitely in English and maybe even some in French! Stay tuned for a detailed update on his linguistic prowess.

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