Thursday, November 30, 2006

Petit Ours Brun (recommended French magazines for kids)

My colleague Mary just shared some resources with me, ones that her two French-speaking preschoolers love: Petit Ours Brun (Little Brown Bear), who appears in several French magazines for kids (Popi for ages 1-3 and Pomme D'Api for ages 3-7) and has his own website. The website, which serves mostly as promotion for the magazines, nevertheless has some age-appropriate activities; it also shows sample pages from the magazines. They look impressive to me--engaging, rich in vocabulary, lots of colors, each issue organized around a theme and also continuing some stories introduced in the previous issue. (And apparently Popi is printed on heavy cardboard paper and has gimmicks like flaps to lift.) A year's subscription of 12 issues is pricey, especially to ship to the US--around sixty euros--but I guess that's equivalent to buying 12 paperback kids' books. And it's still cheaper than buying even paperback kids' books in French from've really had to search to find some for under $15 each. When I go to France this summer, I'll probably pick up an issue or two and then decide if it's worth subscribing to. (But the fact that Mary and her kids adore it is a pretty strong recommendation for me!)

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