Friday, July 08, 2016

parle-ing francais in the north woods

Saturday afternoon, small town in northern Minnesota, gas station.  My friendly mother smiles and says "merci" to the lady who holds the door for her.

Sunday morning, small town in northern Wisconsin, my "hopelessly monolingual" (his words!) husband nods at the stranger passing him in the hallway and says "bonjour."  And then a minute later, exclaims, "Did I just say bonjour?!"

Nearly every evening since then, as we continue our family vacation, our children ask to sing "Bonsoir les loups" at bedtime.

Why?  Because for the previous five days, all five of us were immersed in the French language at Lac du Bois Family Week, near Hackensack, MN, and it's hard to kick the habit.  The mercis and bonjours just keep slipping out on their own!

Can't wait to write more about this amazing experience at one of the Concordia Language Villages.  Stay tuned...


  1. Love the CLV! I went to the Finnish camp every summer from the ages of 10-18, and came away with lifelong friends and a love of the Finnish language. PS. If you didn't already know, when your kids are older, they can get high school language credits for the month-long programs. :)

  2. I live in Minnesota and would love to take my kids to one of their family camps someday, particularly the French one. I know very little French though. Do you need to have a certain level of fluency to go?

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