Thursday, August 24, 2006

gratuitous nephew pictures: Carl bonds with books in French

Carl expresses interest in reading a book.

Can you tell Carl is a scientist's and a computer programmer's son? Given the choice between a book about numbers and a book about farm animals, he opts for the numbers book.

Carl is pleased with his selection. Inspired, he counts his fingers. "Un, deux, trois, quatre, cinq!"

Carl is very interested in the numbers book! He reads intently.

Correction: Carl is very interested in chewing on the numbers book! Open mouth, insert book. Drool copiously. Soggy book--but happy Carl!


  1. too, too cute! i can't wait until dani's at that stage! thanks for sharing. :)

  2. Ohh! The promise of genius!

  3. Okay, Sarah, how do you find time to do these amazing things and include working out too???

  4. Hi Estela, Amy, proud mama Elizabeth, and Jane--Thanks for the comments! The whole family pretty much thinks that Carl's brilliant and adorable. Elizabeth reports that he even gets quiet when he sees Mom or Dad reading a book, and he likes to look at the pictures in books now.

    Jane--right now I'm lucky enough to be teaching just MWF, which means I have time on the other days to pursue my other projects!

    By the way, loyal readers, I understand that the entire staff of the Lafyette Public Library, where I volunteer and where Estela and Jane work, has been introduced to this blog! Please feel free to write in with questions and comments, y'all.

  5. I love it....a bilingual mathematician already! The pictures are adorable and the captions wonderful....thanks,Sarah :-)

  6. Update: As of September 7, Carl will patiently sit and let me read him a book in French without even trying to chew on it first!